American Express

I worked with American Express to produce content for their Business Trends and Insights hub. With a target audience of small business owners and leaders, it was important to make sure all content was aligned to their specific needs. So we created content based around the most relevant pillars for this audience: cash flow, international payments, rewards and travel and expenses.

Our goal was to position the client as its audience’s number one business partner, to drive leads and to promote products, so we used an authoritative and clear tone of voice to create content to help Amex’s audience power their businesses.

My job on this account was to help facilitate ideation using trends, keyword research and client/audience feedback, manage writers, copy edit all articles, brief designers, create metadata, curate images, project manage all stages of content development, and track content performance.

Here are examples of an article and an infographic I worked on.

Following the outbreak of coronavirus, Amex wanted to create reactive and helpful content for business owners. Working with the US content team, I helped localise numerous articles for Amex UK by updating case studies, providing UK-focused context and changing the language. You can see examples here and here.


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