On Wanderlust

Life, Travel

I’ve always kinda thought that traveling was hella long. The idea of traipsing from place to place carrying all your shit in a strange environment just didn’t scream “fun” to me. I don’t really know what happened but now I’m itching to explore the world beyond my own front door. I’m really excited at the prospect of enlarging my narrow vision of the world and experiencing something other than huge, ultra-diverse London.

I was planning on going everywhere this summer but then I realised that everywhere is a lot of places and everywhere will cost a lot of money, of which I have incredibly little. So after being hit with that reality check I’ve had to lower my scope and think about earning money this year and possibly go travelling next year. In the meantime I’ve got a couple of trips lined up: A weekend in Budapest, a weekend in Sheffield and a couple of weeks (maybe even three -oooooh-) in Croatia.

I get that Sheffield seems a bit sort of “meh” compared to the rest, but it’s in the north! (Isn’t it??) it’s exotic! I feel like people are trendy. We’ll be going up there in late July for our annual trip to Tramlines, the inner city festival that I wrote about last year. And instead of seven of us cramming into one student room, this year, we’re renting an Air BnB apartment—’cause we’re not students any more and can’t get away with squatting. There are a bunch of cool people I’m looking forward to seeing: Wu-Tang Clan, Basement Jaxx and the Sugar Hill Gang to name a few. Should be good.

Also going to Budapest next weekend with Emmanuella as a late birthday thing, where we plan to patronise these things called ‘ruin bars’ which are like, random disused venues that have been repurposed into places people can come hang out and get pissed. There’s one called Szimplar that my mate Claudia referred to as “the best bar in the world”. High praise. They also have these awesome open-air heated swimming baths that sound incredible to chill in. Again, can’t wait.

Finally, Croatia. Going as a holiday with uni friends. There are ten of us and we’re renting a huge fuck-off villa with a pool and greatness. So that’s going to be sick. We’re gonna do things like have dinner and get drunk. Then after a week in the villa, everyone except me, Gary, Claudia, and Barney, is gonna fuck off back to England while we gallivant through Croatia for a couple of weeks like the jobless people we are. We’ve discussed maybe going to a festival, camping, snorkelling and shit—just all sorts of activities. Hella lookin forward to it.

Sun, sea and stuff, y’know. Sun, sea and stuff.


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