My girl Eman (@emankwen), has a podcast series about issues that 20-25 year old’s face. It’s called, aptly, 20/25. As a series that focuses on the issues of young people, facilitated and discussed by these people – whose problems and prospects are some of the most urgent on the planet and don’t often get a platform—it’s a very insightful and necessary series full of wisdom and great chat.

This one is about young men and features my friends Nick and Josh. I went into the studio yesterday with my friend Lakeisha to talk about young black women and the issues we face concerning cultural appropriation, interracial relationships and education. Will hit y’all up with a link when it’s live. Went in for the first time around Easter to discuss mental health in young people and had a great hour and a half long conversation, but as it was Eman’s first podcast, she somehow failed to record it, so it’s lost to forever and eternity.  Can you imagine?!

Screen Shot 2015-07-03 at 10.53.03

For more of the 20/25 series and for other shows that demonstrate her radio prowess, check out Eman’s soundcloud or her website. She’s on twitter @emankwen x


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