Somesuch Stories

I copy-edited and proofread the sixth issue of literary magazine Somesuch Stories.

Themed ‘FLUX’ – this issue features stories, essays, poems, photography and artworks that delve into experiences and ideas of transformation and transition.

Somesuch Stories #6 offers readers a shape- and voice-shifting response to this time of worldwide disruption and chaos; possibility and opportunity – through contributions by exceptional writers and artists:

Saba Sams | Heather Glazzard | Iphgenia Baal | Jessica Andrews | Kayo Chingonyi | Anya Gorkova | Alexis Penney | Jack Young | Daisy Hildyard | Elio Mercer | Yoel Noorali | Tice Cin | Hafsa Zayyan | Moses Quiquine | Heidi James | Octavia Bright | Tom Marshak | Miranda Ward | Isa Toledo


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