Generali Group

A global-to-local programme, I worked on strategic content creation in various mediums such as videos, infographics, and articles covering health, insurance, and financial wellbeing.

I came up with ideas for content based on global trends, audience insights and analytics, then I would commission writers, designers and videomakers to create the content, which I would edit or provide feedback on based on knowledge of the client and its target audience.

Once content was created at a global level in English, I worked with Generali marketing teams around the world in various markets including Czech Republic, India and Serbia (20 in total) to localise the global pieces through translations and relevant cultural nuances with local editors I hired.

The global content was then localised and translated for these markets and then distributed using their blogs, websites and social media. I project managed each step of the process for six to eight markets.

With a huge range of global content to choose from, I also curated the most appropriate pieces for each market based on their different products, target audiences, and country needs.

I also produced emails for Generali insurance agents highlighting the content that was available to be used and newsletters for Generali’s marketing teams about content trends and insights in the industry.

Here’s an example of an infographic created in English and then translated and localised for Turkey.


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